Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Tanya Renner and I am a Level 3 certified BWRT and Level 3 WSN (Warrior Settlers and Nomads Parts Therapy) practitioner. Appointments can be made face to face in my therapy room in Salisbury, or online.

Having seen the devastation that issues such as anxiety and depression cause, I was fascinated with the ability of Brain Working Recursive Therapy to heal past trauma. I've always been passionate about self development, and have been blown away by the work of Terence Watts. It is based around the latest neuroscience research, and continues to evolve into one of the most exciting therapies available today. 

As well as helping with issues which hold you back, BWRT is a fantastic tool for self development to help you move forward and start living life on your terms.

I've been trained directly by Terence Watts, the creator of BWRT and WSN, and have completed training in:

Further specialised training in BWRT include:

I am fully insured, and a member of the Institute of Brain Working Recursive Therapy (IBWRT®).

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What is Brain Working Recursive Therapy?

BWRT was first developed in 2011 by Terence Watts in the UK, and it is now used all over the world. It is based on Neuroscience, and unlike many therapies which the 'Mind' - BWRT uses the 'Brain' and the Brain processes. In fact, it is one of the few therapies where we now exactly what part of the brain we are working on, and why we get the results we do.

After studying Engineering at University, and working as a teacher in Tokyo for a few years, I returned to the UK to raise a family. Once my youngest (of five) reached school age, I started learning about Neuroscience, and came across BWRT. It is a fascinating therapy - and as long as you can close your eyes and follow directions, anyone can do it. To get started, fill out the form to request a free 20 Minute call and I will be in touch via email to sort out the best time.

Watch this short video below to find out more about how BWRT works: