Say Goodbye to Anxiety & Feel Calm...

"I can not recommend BWRT Healing enough. I started my sessions with Tanya at the lowest point of my life 

with anxiety and depression. It’s absolutely incredible how this type of treatment works." L.S

Face to Face Therapy in Salisbury

Meet face to face in the heart of Salisbury to resolve your anxiety using Brain Working Recursive Therapy. 

This new therapy is based on Neuroscience, and has been found to be faster and more effective than many talking therapies, as it works directly at the source of the issue. Clients who have been crippled with anxiety have been able to gain control over their emotions to start feeling calm and peaceful. 

My name is Tanya Renner, and I have been trained in BWRT by the creator Terence Watts directly. 

The majority of my clients contact me regarding anxiety. Sometimes they know specifically what their triggers are, and in other cases - it is a feeling that comes over them and they can not see what has caused it. It could be social anxiety, anxiety from past traumas, or anxiety in the work place.

Your brain feels unsafe, and the anxiety is there for a reason. During the sessions we explore where it may stem from, and then reset those neural pathways. Once we have dealt with your anxiety, we then build your self esteem. Allowing you to start feeling confident and empowered. 

Brain Working Recursive Therapy is one of the quickest tools I have come across for helping you to make big changes. It has been used successfully in many different countries, including the police force in South Africa. All therapist's are provided with ongoing support and strong mentoring to get the best results. 

If you would like to learn more, request your FREE 20 minute call. I will then personally reply to your email to find out the best time for us to chat.

Therapy sessions can be booked face to face in the centre of Salisbury in the Practice Rooms on Catherine Street. Rooms are warm and private, within a medivial building above the bustle of town. Alternatively, we can arrange to have sessions online, or even over the phone, from the comfort of your own home. 

To get started, watch the video above, and then book your FREE 20 minute call. This will help me learn more about your situation, and whether BWRT is a good fit for you - it will also help you decide if I am the right therapist for you. 


All therapy rooms are situated on the first and second floor of the building.

Where to park

Find us above Trussell Trust Charity Shop.

You can park for one hour (only) in Catherine Street itself. Other on-street parking, and all off-street car-parks, are listed here.  Culver Street carpark is the closest, followed by Brown Street, Salt Lane and Central Car Park.

"I’ve came away after 6 sessions feeling absolutely fantastic. Life changing. My confidence is on such a high and I’ve came away with tools to assist me if I do happen to hit a low time."